According to the Chinese Passenger Car Association, Tesla China has a new King EV. The Chinese body in charge of recording new car registrations has announced that the Tesla Model Y has officially surpassed the Model 3, one of the prominent spurs to the country's EV revolution.

The Tesla Model Y is a fully electric crossover that joined Tesla's portfolio in March 2020. Since then, the car has achieved enormous recognition due to its great popularity in virtually every market where it is offered. For example, in Tesla's home state of California, the Model Y surpassed the Model 3's sales numbers in just seven months. According to several Tesla officials, the two vehicles are highly similar and share many of the same parts, up to 75%. However, the primary distinction between the two vehicles is size, cargo space, and body design.

While the Tesla Model Y has maintained its long-held position as Tesla's most popular car overall, the all-electric crossover has now surpassed the Tesla Model 3 in the Chinese automotive industry. Since its first delivery in the nation over two years ago, the Model 3 has fared well in China. It topped sales numbers for the entire year of 2020, and 2021 has also been kind to the Model 3. It has, however, taken a back place to the less expensive but less luxury HongGuang Mini EV from GM's joint venture with Wuling and SAIC in China.

Tesla has maintained its focus on delivering the finest quality electric automobiles in China. According to CPCA data, the Tesla Model Y has now surpassed the Model 3 in domestic sales. In September alone, 33,033 Model Y units were sold, while 19,120 Model 3 constructions were registered to new owners in the final month of the third quarter.

The rise in Tesla Model Y sales can be linked to Tesla's popularity as an EV manufacturer in China. The CPCA stated yesterday that Tesla had its best quarter in China, with 56,006 units delivered.

The Tesla Model Y continues to top worldwide EV leaderboards, including the increasingly popular Chinese market, which has significantly contributed to the electrification revolution. Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, has great aspirations for the Tesla Model Y, predicting that it would be the most popular vehicle in the world by 2022.


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