Along with Freiburg and Malsch near Karlsruhe, the Hamburg Dachser branch will be one of the logistics company's three 'e-mobility locations.' Dachser's research focuses on climate-friendly technologies and processes, as well as intelligent electricity and load management. In the long run, this should expand the number of zero-emission vehicles across the European Dachser network and help the company realize its net zero greenhouse gas emissions target.

Two issues will be worked on in the Hamburg branch beginning in January 2023: On the one hand, battery-electric local and long-distance trucks will be deployed, and sophisticated load management in conjunction with stationary cooling equipment. In Hamburg, though, new battery-electric refrigerated trailers are being tested. In addition, a hydrogen fuel cell electric truck serves as local transportation in the urban region.

"As one of the world's most important logistics hubs, the Hanseatic City of Hamburg is one of Europe's most dynamic regions when it comes to testing and implementing climate-friendly and emission-free transport and logistics solutions." "We are delighted to be able to make such a significant contribution here," says Ralf Hansen, branch manager of Dachser Road Logistics in Hamburg."

The research efforts at the three e-mobility centers are focused on battery-electric trucks and cars, their charging infrastructure, the use and production of renewable electricity, and intelligent electricity and load management. In addition, hydrogen trucks are being tested, as is the essential refueling infrastructure.

Dachser's substantial climate protection initiatives include this project. Process and energy efficiency in processes and systems, as well as research and innovation to promote zero-emission automobiles and renewable energies, are examples of these. This is supplemented with a social commitment that extends beyond the company's core business. 


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