Titaa is a two-wheeled electric vehicle that can change into a self-balancing unicycle. Unicycles are commonly associated with circuses and carnivals. While there are unicycle enthusiasts and amateurs out there pedaling along, without any circus qualifications to their credit, the one-wheeled bicycle isn't normally the vehicle of choice for navigating about a congested metropolis.

While cycling manual unicycles may be too difficult for most people, self-balancing, electric unicycles sound like something we could all get into. Titaa, a self-balancing unicycle designed by Husky Design, is a dual-purpose, modular electric vehicle that can transition from a bicycle to a self-balancing unicycle.

Trying to get to know our cities through various forms of transportation exposes us to sights and places we were previously unaware of. Titaa is the kind of electric bike you'd see flying down Santa Monica Pier's wooden planks or up Paris' rocky pathways.

When riders choose to ride Titaa as a unicycle, the vehicle's front-wheel and handlebar system detach from the rear-wheel and motor, revealing a powered one-wheeler. Titaa looks similar to single-wheel hoverboards, but it has an optional seat rest if users choose to sit down while riding. Titaa, which is equipped with a somatosensory control system, adjusts to your body's natural movements in order to stay balanced and respond in real-time to necessary brakes.


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