The first Class II vehicles of the new Scania Citywide Low Entry series are now on the road with the Wartburgmobil transport company at the Wutha-Farnroda site near Eisenach in Thuringia. Two of the six new buses have a hybrid drive (Euro 6), and the other four are equipped with the latest generation of diesel engines. The passengers can look forward to the innovative design and the excellent interior comfort of the city buses.

The Scania Citywide is an all-around bus for inner-city and suburban traffic. The bus meets a wide range of passenger capacity and requirements with various versions and door configurations. "The use of hybrid vehicles in our company is remarkable. With this, we are sending a clear signal in the direction of sustainability in local public transport," emphasizes Horst Schauerte, CEO of the transport company Wartburgmobil gkAöR, when taking over the six Scania buses. "The hybrid vehicles have a diesel engine of the latest generation and thus meet the Euro 6e emissions standard. Furthermore, they are approved for operation with alternative fuels, both for biodiesel (FAME) and for the new synthetic fuels (HVO), and are therefore equipped for future developments on the market," adds Jens Ludwigkeit, Key Account Manager at Scania Germany.

A specification of the drive train of these vehicles also makes it possible to operate the auxiliary consumers electrically consistently. The enlarged battery and the auxiliary electric motor with 150 kW provide the energy for this.

The purely electric range of up to ten kilometers is lovely for city traffic. "Sensitive areas such as city centers, parks, or health resorts can be served completely emission-free," explains Ludwigkeit. In hybrid operation, operators can also save up to 30 percent diesel fuel and up to 20 tons of CO2 per bus and year. The six buses of the latest Scania Citywide generation with diesel engines are fully air-conditioned and have 41+2 high-strength seats with comfortable long-distance upholstery and seat belts, making them ideal for use in regional transport. The reading lights placed above the seats and the luggage racks ensure comfort. "Of course, we can also transport people with restricted mobility safely and comfortably in all six buses. A folding ramp and a wheelchair space with additional attachment points make this possible," Schauerte adds to the equipment. Safety at the bus stop and in traffic is ensured, among other things, by electric swiveling/sliding doors and numerous safety assistance systems such as the turning assistant and attention support.

Last but not least, the modern Scania Citywide with a low entry is characterized by its high reliability and performance. With the takeover of the six new buses, Wartburgmobil gkAöR is continuing the partnership with Scania that has existed since 2019. The Wartburgmobil transport company was created in 2017 by merging two transport companies and has been providing municipal and regional mobility in and around Eisenach ever since. This includes the classic regular and school bus services and transport services to work, go shopping, to the doctor, or in your free time—connections in neighboring regions with a maximum distance of around 40 kilometers complete the offer. In total, Wartburgmobil has 115 of its buses. In addition, the transport company has access to approximately 40 regular buses and 50 minibusses from cooperation partners. Wartburgmobil employs 215 people in its own company.


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