The Renault Group's newest brand, Mobilize, showed off what could be called a Renault Twizy 2.0 at the Paris Motor Show. Mobilize will look into new ways to move around and provide services.

Mobilize Duo is the brand name of the electric vehicle. Smaller and more compact than the Renault Twizy, this electric vehicle has enough room for two passengers in the back seat. The electric vehicle's width of 1.30 meters means it is barely perceptible in urban environments. It's an all-electric vehicle that can go up to 80 kilometers per hour, though a slower 45-kilometer-per-hour variant is already on the market. With a range of nearly 12 miles and the same top speed as the Twizy, it is an improvement over the model it replaces.

The increased range can be attributed partly to the larger battery, which has increased in size from 6.7 kWh to 10.4 kWh, or roughly the same as the battery in a Renault Megane E-tech Plug-in Hybrid.

However, a cursory inspection reveals that this automobile is not merely a Renault Twizy. If you want to ride safely, you can do it inside Mobilize Duo's enclosed compartment. The digital instruments and keyless entry/start system on the dash are pleasant, and the seat and steering wheel is also heated.

The Mobilize Duo electric city car is marginally safer in urban areas than motorcycles, and electric scooters because of its airbag-equipped steering wheel and braking discs on all four wheels.

The Mobilize Duo is good for the environment because it is made of more than 50 percent recycled parts that can be taken apart and recycled again. The natural next question is: how much does such a bright electric city car set you back? Maybe; it's not for sale in the conventional sense, like the Twizy, so that time will tell.

Mobilize Duo's primary function is as a shared car, just like the service provided by rival company Green Mobility, which operates a fleet of several hundred Renault Zoes. Mobilize provides a subscription service for the vehicle to private customers, although the cost of this service still needs to be discovered.


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